Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Suporta sa Eriuqs Spires Healthy Recreation Entry

Sumali ako sa isang contest at ito ay isang karerahan para sa mauuna sa search engine results pages sa keywords na Eriuqs Spires Healthy Recreation. Inaasahan ko na magkakroon ng isang magandang resulta ang blog post kong ito dahil sa isang eksperimento na aking ginagawa sa ngayon para dito sa challenge na ito.

Alam ko na halos lahat ng mga kasali sa race ay pare-pareho lang ang ginagawa - ang mag link build ng mag-link build tungo sa entry nila pero iba ang paraan na gagawin ko para sa akin at ito nga ang aking link building experiment.

Inaasahan ko na sa huling sandali ay makikita ko ang resulta ng move kong ito to top the results with the keyword Eriuqs Spires Healthy Recreation. Good luck na lang sa ibang mga kasali.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ted Failon Case is Closed

Finally, the crisis is over and the Failons will now have the peace of mind and can now grieve on their loss for a family member, Trinidad Etong, Ted Failon's wife. After a few months of case hearings and investigation by the NBI, an 80 something page of report was finally released and the subject is simplified - Trina Etong did commit suicide.

So the case has finally gone to the files of closed cases and is now a close book for both the family and the law in the Philippines. There is no crime established and there is no way according to the DOJ that this case may be reopened unless there is someone who can contest the reprots filed by the NBI regarding the investigation. I am glad that this is over now after what the Failon's have been through.

I admit it that at first I really thought there was foulplay but after realizing the sincerity and the evidences, later on I really felt there were rights abused by the authorities. There were mishaps and misunderstandings and that is normal for such a celebrity case after what has happened. Now, I am glad it's all over.

I am glad that Ted Failon is now going to have his peace including his family. I hope he can come back soon to work because people like him will always have a place in the broadcasting and media industry. I am personally wishing that you and your family get more than just peace of mind but also peace at heart and soul... Always.