Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy 10th to Blogger

I would just like to greet Blogger as I read today about the 10th celebration of the team. I am not sure what the 10th really means because this is not the first 10th of Blogger but is actually the second time around.

Anyway, just congratulations to all those who were part of the team inside and out of Blogger for making it to this point and I hope that we will share more years to come and this blog of mine won't get deleted. I love this blog so please do take more time to be there for all of us. Congratulations!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

It's my birthday yesterday and I didn't have much to celebrate but at the end of the day, I ended up very very happy because I don't have to go elsewhere to celebrate. I stayed at home working in front of my computer and we cooked the traditional "pancit bihon" and was able to give to all the neighbors we have in our compound.

I was very happy because my daughter and wife is beside me yesterday and some wishes came true for me again. I've always loved to see more of my wishes come true and I love seeing my family. Yesterday, my mom and dad came from Cavite house and they were here to greet me personally and we shared whatever we have on the table.

Overall, this year, I am thankful of all the blessings that I was able to receive and I would like to thank God for that. I want to thank everybody who were there beside me all the time. I'd also like to go places and more and more places this year or next year. I'll persevere more to I can take my parents and family to places I want all of us to go. I'm happy that way and I will do it if not this year, then it will all be next year.

Boys Over Flowers Episodes Tagalog Dubbed

I've been looking for the Boys Over Flowers Episodes that are tagalog dubbed for my daughter. She likes to watch this Koreanovela and I love seeing her happy when she watches. After a few days of searching and listing where I have been, I finally found the right set of playlist in YouTube so she started to watch the said episodes today afternoon.

Well, that's how father's have to do just to keep their children happy. This way I get to fee being more like a provider than a protector. Funny but isn't is supposed to be the reverse? Anyway, I just feel happy that she is there laughing and smiling while watching BOF episodes.