Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2014's Top Loan Consultant Achievements - Thank You 2013

Frankly, I wanted to start with thanking everybody responsible for my being on the top 12 spot this year as a loan consultant for the lending company I am currently working for at Global Dominion. Fact is, without these people, I will be just like any other loan agent. And of course best of all, without the ever supportive loving wife of mine, Analie Casuncad, I will not become who I am today. I have really changed so much from being the reactive husband that I am to becoming only the best person I can be each and every day of my life with my family, friends and loved ones.

I have so much to be thankful for yet I still feel that there is so much more ahead of me in this industry as a freelance loan consultant. I will absolutely 100% achieve the goal I've always had in mind and that is to win in any battle I get in to. By winning I mean is to succeed in all of my goals and get to share the blessings with the people behind me. The dream is just a year or so away and I know, the new house will soon come. Oh it may not be new but it will absolutely be something new for us.