Friday, May 21, 2010

Comparing 2 White Beaches

I've just had it today with 2 of perhaps the best beaches I have seen by far in the Philippines. The first one, for which I have personally been to is Boracay Island beach while the second one I would like to put up and describe is the one I am looking to get to this year. I hope that I can come to this beach, Calaguas Island in Camarines Norte. To view resorts in Boracay, please click here.

If not this coming June, I will probably come the next tour whatever happens. Even if it is raining hard, I'd like to come over to this island and put up with my excitement to see it. I've only seen the white sand beach from a friend's account in Facebook and immediately, it caught my attention that it made me want to be there before the summer ends. On the other hand, if you ever come over to Boracay island, I'd like to refer you to Il Portico Beach House to stay in. They have one of the best service there is in the island and I'm pretty sure you'll like it there. Hope to be there soon!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Affordable Il Portico Boracay Beach House Rooms

There are so many affordable rooms to rent in Boracay but what is amazing for me today is that I found out that there is a place where you cannot just rent with your pocket money's worth. You can also find a place or a room to rent in Boracay where the service is professional and personalized. I am talking about Il Portico Boracay Beach House.

If you want to see more details of this villa beach house. please visit the link I have provided above. When in their website, you can find the photos of their rooms for rent and the rates of the accommodation. There, it would be easy for you to choose which of the rooms you can afford based in your budget and the number of people you have in your group.

They have FREE wifi internet connection for those who are looking for the convenience of the online availability through internet via the wi-fi service that's 24/7 basis. Have fun in Boracay and visit Il Portico now for your affordable rooms to rent in Boracay Island.