Saturday, August 29, 2009

Philippines Top 10 Richest in 2009

Here is a shortlist of the top 10 millionaires in the Philippines today. These men were able to increase their investments and capital for their own respective businesses that made them belong to the 2009 Top 10 richest in the Philippines.

Feast on the list below as you see familiar names like the mall mogul Henry Sy wave his wealth all over your eyes.

2009 Top 10 Richest in the Philippines

1. Henry Sy - $3.8B
2. Lucio Tan - $1.7B
3. Jaime Zobel de Ayala - $1.2B
4. Andrew Tan - $850M
5. John Gokongwei - $720M
6. Tony Tan Caktiong - $710M
7. Eduardo Cojuangco Jr. - $660M
8. Enrique Razon Jr. - $620M
9. Manuel Villar - $530M
10. George Ty - $515M

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

UFC 102 Live Nogueira vs Couture

I am not much of a fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship sport but this time, I will assure you guys that I will watch UFC 102 Live stream when I try to search online. I have quite a few list here on my PC where I can go and track down those friends out there who are featuring the live stream of the fight.

I know it because while others who don't live in the US are having a hard time trying to seek places where they can watch, I am here at home enjoying the fight. See you guys and I hope you find where I am so you can also watch it live.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

NSO Birth Certificate Application Guide

For people who would be looking for the right way in applying for an NSO birth certificate, this short post hopes to help you all. I simply cannot copy the original work of the people who deserve to be linked to so I am instead providing here the lead to the website where you can find the actual process in applying for a birth certificate in NSO or Census.

We all know that it is virtually impossible to be able to do such things without a concrete guide so I decided to do this short post and search for a definite guide for the application of NSO birth certificate so people won't have a hard time along the process. Good luck.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

POEA Accredited Agencies Guide

I'm pretty sure that there are so many OFWs looking for the right tip on how they can look for the different POEA accredited agencies from the official website of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration. Well, it's all pretty simple if you were to ask me so I searched instead for a website first to see what I cold come up with.

I found one and I am willing to share it with you guys who are looking for the information. Just look first for the official website of the POEA and from there, you will immediately see a link that will take you to a search box, that very search box will be your ticket in finding out if the agency with which you are working for or intend to work for is actually a duly registered or accredited agency of the P.O.E.A. Always be careful of illegal recruiter and make sure they have what itg takes based on the POEA website to be considered as a POEA accredited agency.