Thursday, April 14, 2011

is out for Swimming in Villa Krizelna

Today is day out for the family. The 3 of us plus a niece and a sister in law and her son, we are out swimming in Villa Krizelna in San Rafael Bulacan. It was quite a long drive and a very nice sight along the way but reaching the resort and seeing what's in store for us today is even more rewarding. Getting to know the place via a special guest tour courtesy of the owner herself, former Kapitana Tess Ampo is such an experience and a feel-good treatment.

This is the first time we've received such a grand welcome and very hospitable reception. The staff are all smiling for a good day to start greeting people when we took off from the car I am driving, a Toyota Yaris. We are surely having fun as of the writing of this post and although I haven't tried swimming yet, it was all fun and a grandiose experience. For those of you who are looking to go on an outing and swimming this summer and if you are looking for a resort in Bulacan, this is definitely worth a try. For more information, you may also visit the Villa Krizelna Facebook Page.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Eating cheap pizza

It's pizza time today and the 3 of us who have always loved eating are, once more together by the stairs where we sometimes trip it off eating at. Why? Simple because the stairs in the old wooden and capiz window house is the coolest and I mean coolest literally part of our home this summer. We loved conversing there, taking time to review our work and trying to feed our minds with a different kind of conversation everytime but today if I may make it a little bit different, we are having our pizza time on it.

Nothing much but a little bit different because it is not going to be Shakey's or Pizza Hut or Yellow Cab or Sbarro specials but our own homegrown R.Papa street cheap pizza. Hmmmmm... the smell of the dough cooking in the slightly defective oven is just tempting that even if we just had lunch before going to the bank, we took time to buy a piece. The biggest one of course wherein when cut to slices will bear out 8 big ones. Imagine it's only worth 89 bucks here in the Philippines. Wow. What's next for us. Anyway, you can follow my twitter here - Sam Casuncad or see another Canada single parent dating site.