Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Filing of Candidacy Nears for 2010 Philippine Elections

The 2010 Philippine Election is nearly here as Christmas fast approaches. The filing of candidacy is just a few days away from the last day which is November 30, 2009. If candidate who are looking to run as candidates in the upcoming elections, they should be looking to file as soon as possible.

There will surely be no extension for this matter on elections and I know that there will be many surprise candidates coming in to the Comelec to file their candidacy come November 30. I just hope that those trapos will no longer run for the said election in 2010. We will not vote for any of you. We have learned through experience that you will not do good for both the people and the nation.

Digg Indexed Profile

I've got another good news which is that my Sam Casuncad Digg Profile is up and running in the results of the search engines. It was one of the best times I feel so good as others will surely see my profile from Digg if they search my site.

Thanks to Digg for giving me the chance to appear on search and finally, I can develop my own bigger list of bookmarkings using Digg.

Mix Profile Is Indexed

My Mix Sam Casuncad profile is now up and indexed by search engines and I am glad about that because I now have another great way to see through some of the best sites I could create profile under my name - Sam Casuncad.

I just wanted to see if there is something I can do to ward off some unnecessary profile excess. I just had to do a little bit more tweak to other profiles I have from the past so they can all be indexed soon. Thanks to Mix for my profile.

Broken Glass

4 days ago, it was the saddest day of my life. It felt like I was all consumed and all burned up after finding out that there were a few pieces of broken glass in my hot choco. There is only one person giving me my hot choco but the saddest part is that I cannot accept that what I saw was true. That is for the simple fact that I did not do anything wrong to that person.

Of course it could have come from the sugar but surely not from the branded choco I drank. Yes, I drank it all up till the bottom of the glass is crystal clear but to no avail, I saw fragments of a small piece of glass. I'm not sure if that is a single one. My teeth must've sifted the biggest as big as 30 dots of a pen. I'm pretty sure it was glass because I tried breaking it.

Sad if that is true. But happy I am because at least I know now and I know what to do. I don't want to hurt anyone, much more, my daughter, my one and only daughter. That is why I want to keep it up here in my personal diary so just in case something happens to me, the people, the remaining people who love me will know.