Saturday, February 13, 2010

Supporting Sikat Ang Pinoy blogger

Paslit.Com is an entry to "Sikat Ang Pinoy" SEO blogging contest launched by a Pinoy, Whin Clores. It will soon end in a few hours so I am on a hurry to launch these few blog reviews that I have always wanted to launch for a friend who joined in. I hope this will be out there in time. Good luck to all the participants and congratulations to whoever will win this one.

As i've said in a post I just did for Sikat Ang Pinoy, I hope there is still time to help a friend do it or at least make it to the top of the results. He is currently staying in # 7 for the moment and I am not so sure if this one will make it.

Monday, February 8, 2010

PBB Double Up Final Eviction Pukes Mariel Sorino

Mariel Sorino is the last evictee in the latest PBB Double Up final eviction night. It was all so fast it seems and there will left remaining housemates total of only 5 which is called as the PBB Double Up big 5 housemates. After the eviction of Mariel Sorino, the 5 housemates left inside the house will compete for becoming the PBB Double Up Big Winner and from here I can see that Melai Cantiveros will be the one.

Hearty Dinner with Candle Light

Have you ever imagined having a hearty dinner with candle light this Valentines Day? If your answer is yes, then you won't get it. Why? It's simply because if you really want to indulge into one, you'll have to work it out super fine with your planned partner be it your hubby, wife, bf, bff, gf of whoever f you have in mind. Ooooppps, please not the "F" that you are thinking of. That would be just rude for a dinner (but eventually it will lead to that only if you do the perfect timing).

Knockout Artist Edwin Valero wants to fight Manny Pacquiao

Last Saturday is probably one of the most significant fights for Edwin Valero who just took his 27-0 record with all knockouts. Winning all his fights by KO, Valero hopes to get a stint at the best pound for pound boxer in the world today against Manny Pacquiao from the Philippines who is known to have knocked out every Mexican fighter on his way.

Presidentiables No Holds Barred Forum

MANILA, Philippines—Like the Filipino delicacy balut, the first Philippine Daily Inquirer presidential debate was not for the faint-hearted.

Pointed and witty queries ranging from the price of “galunggong” and salted eggs to Charter change and the budget deficit, sharp brickbats and a lively audience marked the event at the jampacked University of the Philippines Theater in Diliman, Quezon City Monday.