Friday, July 31, 2009

Wonder Girls Song Nobody and Trivia

Wonder Girls Nobody song is really very danceable for me. I like the beat of the song itself and the lyrics in English version, when I heard was really great. Simple yet very attractive to listeners. My daughter is one of the firsts who liked their song Nobody and I must admit since I heard it, I also liked it too.

Anyway, did you guys know that Wonder Girls was popular back since 2008 and we were only able to know and hear about them because of the popularity of Korean dramas here in the Philippines? Well, I personally saw their profile at YouTube while watching their videos enjoyed me, I came to see something else.

That is, the Wonder Girls were also popular back in the United States and this all girl group were able to get a chance to be together in a concert with The Jonas Brothers. Well, that's according to the articles I read about this all girl group.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

2009 Nursing Exam Result

It was already released in the news. The 2009 Nursing Board Exam Result is quite not as impressive as it seem with the percentage turnout of the board exam passers for this year.

A problem though has risen brought by the inability of the PRC website to contain and cure the spyware that was inflicted on their website a few days or more than a week now. This is according to the website details as the Google results display that it is dangerous to visit the website due to a spyware that could possibly take your personal computer data or worse, your personal data.

I hope that the PRC will remedy this as soon as possible because of the problem that it could create later on if users who visit the site regularly to view different board exam results will be affected.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Anne Curtis Dating Erwan Heussaff

I saw today a picture of Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff together with Ruffa Gutierrez. Erwan Heussaff is the guy that Anne Curtis is rumored to be dating lately but the beautiful lady did not confirm because the guys is a non-showbiz personality.

I must admit that the two looked odd together and Sam Milby is still too good to be true and out of her life. Anyway, just making some comment that Anne Curtis and Sam Milby still rocks the showbiz fans world today ever after years of breakup.

Friday, July 17, 2009

July 2009 Marine Deck Officers Licensure Exam Result

The July 2009 Marine Deck Officer Exam Result was already released by the PRC but the problem is that the website is not available or safe for browsers and visitors according the what the Google result displays.

Anyway, I have a resource that you might want to consider visiting of you are interested to see the different categories of the 2009 Marine Deck Officers Licensure Examination Result. I hope this helps all of those who want to take a safe peek at the said board exam passers without compromising their computer's security. Congratulation to al who passed.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rufffa Gutierrez's Admission Going Out w John Lloyd Triggers Rage Over Fans

Fans are all over the internet just to make the comment to whoever is discussing all about the updates to the pictures and the admission of Ruffa Gutierrez in an interview at The Buzz. I got a hold of a video from YouTube where you can see the mixed emotions and reactions from different fans all over.

Some would allow the two to have their own life and say both are entitled to their own love life whoever they choose to be with or go out with but some are raging hot over the issue of denials and them admitting that John Lloyd and Ruffa are indeed going out together (as friends daw)

Others are going on rage over the fact that the "kilig" factor is gone with the love team or tandem of John Lloyd and Bea or John Lloyd and Sarah is already gone. I'm sure this will have big devastating effect on the career of John Lloyd the more because we can see from the comments of the dismayed fans from this YouTube video. Please see below the video and the comments which I took time to copy from the video.

Here are the comment below:

ok lang namn sana cguro na maging cla pero ang ayaw ko lang ay ang pg deny nila...
pwede namn sabihn na naliligaw c jlc or dating nga cla...
bakit sabihn pa na frends lang...
hay naku...
idol ko pa namn sana c ngaun prang hndi na....

yuck tlga c jlc ngaun...
d ko na xia idoll...
dati super pro ngaun hndi nahhh...

wala namn dapat ilkagalit ang mga fans,at wala nmn masama kung maging sila.single nmn sila pareho,'bat kailangan pang idefend c jLc ni Mr. M.'wag ng pakelaman ang knilang personal lyf,

hay naku, bistado na sila... binuking na sila ni tita annable ( tita daw oh hahaha)..wla na ang jlc- sarah / bea tandem. hmp, kainis. wala na ang kilig .....

hay disappointed ang SG at BA fans sa mga pics..and im one of them..nkka-disppoint lng in a way na sna derechuhin ang mga fans. obvious nman they planned to see each other sa US since ndi cla mkakilos ng ayos kpg nsa pinas..nkka-lungkot lng ksi na-drag sa issue dati c Sarah, un pla c Ruffa tlaga ang someone he's seeing right now..JLC deserves to be happy, kso sana hinay isipan at harapin ang ktotohanan pra wlang msasaktan..

KA OAHAN.....feeling teen..talo pa si sarah and bea......

MAGPAKATOTOO KA SISTER.......certified.....lia r.......( the name of showBUSINESS..)

talga sira na carreer nya, pumatol ba naman sa international pokpok, kadiri cya

bakit naman kelangan i relate yung nangyari sa kanila ni liz uy. what they had is already part of the past.. and for sure they are both adults and have the right to move on. i dont see anything wrong with ruffa and jlc.. hindi dapat isipin na nakakabawas ng pagkatao yun kasi jlc will always remain a good person.

bakit kaya takot lumabas si john lloyd? does he need mr. M to defend him? pinasok niya yan, at least have the balls to face the music. baka deny to death na naman...kawawa naman liz uy. your ex and the sis of your barkada going out...sakit. sana man lang inisip ni JLC yung maramdaman ni Liz and her family considering na 2 months pa silang break.

yuck tlga c jlc ngaun...
d ko na xia idoll...
dati super pro ngaun hndi nahhh...

ok lang namn sana cguro na maging cla pero ang ayaw ko lang ay ang pg deny nila...
pwede namn sabihn na naliligaw c jlc or dating nga cla...
bakit sabihn pa na frends lang...
hay naku...
idol ko pa namn sana c ngaun prang hndi na....

i dont really see anything wrong with them being together.. yes ruffa is much older than he is.. but lets face it.. she's someone most man can only dream about.. jlc could proly never be with someone as good looking as her..

Ang sisira kay John lloyd ay kyong madudungis ang isip. Walang masama kung maki pag kaibigan sya kahit kaninung babae may anak man o wala, matanda man o bata. Grabe kayung mag judge ng tao parang npakalaking kasalanan ang ginawa ni JL.

correct. thank god may mga tao pang malilinaw ang pag-iisip.

bakit..pag pumasok ka ba sa hotel ibig sabihin nun may nangyari na? di mo pa nga alam kung paano at ano ang dahilan ng pag punta nila dun tapos ganyan na kaagad conclusion mo.

to RG.. ano ka ba.. bestfriend ng kapatid mo ang ex ni jlc at ayan ka pinatulan mo HALLER!!
YUCK!!! Ndi ka na nahiya..
to jlc ayan na ang kinalabasan ng mga kalokohan mo..!!

shocks, ilang taon nga ba inalagaan ng abs at ni jlc ang name niya?
gaano nga ba pinaghirapan ni jlc na maabot ang lugar kung nasan na siya ngayon??
pero dahil lang sa issueng ito biglang bigla ang pagbagsak niya..
Pede ba wag na silang magsinungaling, wag na nilang ideny dahil the more ideny da more na may lumalabas na ebidensya, at pareho lamang sila napapahiya at nasisira sa mga mata ng tao..

uy ng ccheck in lang sila,tama bang ihatid ang boy sa hotel!kay ruffa g. masisira ang twitams na career ni Johnl lloyd eew!

i dont think they are a couple wala nmn masama mging mgkaibigan sila

Im a big fan of John Lloyd pero paano na yan, ang dami ng na-turn off sa kanya because of Ruffa....baka masira ang ang career nya.
whatever ruffa!!! eversince, sinungaling ka, you think dapat kang paniwalaan ngayon??!! ewan ko sayo!!

si jon lloyd hindi malalao kasi magaling siyang artista at may TALENT!!!! subukan nyo nga ipartner si sarah sa iba...tingnan natin kung kikita!!! sumikat lang naman si sarah nung ipartner kay john lloyd!! si jlc dati nang sikat!! nanalo na siya ng box office king with bea alonzo kaya please lang mga sarah fans...huwag niyong maliitin si jlc!!!

WHATEVER!!! I AM NOT A jlc (note the small letters, no more importance) fan anymore. What a great actor he is. For your jlc - say goodbye to your career.

there goes john lloyd's credibility. dami pa naman niyang endorsements, sayang. tsk.tsk. after being quiet for so long and finally speaking up and saying "its never going to happen" and people believed him. and then these pics and still denying. shopping with a girl "friend", well yes, there might be nothing wrong, but spending your bday with a specific girl "friend"...duh. kami ba pinagloloko ninyo? well, hope it's all worth it especially for JLC.

who cares kung sila anyway??? bakit kayo affected??? hindi sila immoral! kung ayaw ng fans ni sarah kay jlc eh di huwag!!! jlc has his own fans and they will remain loyal to him not because of his personal life. not because he is seen with ruffa gutierrez but beacause he is a damn good actor!! hindi noyo pwedeng itapon ang kanyang achievements. celebrities can choose to date or go out with whoever they want to!! kahit fans kayo hindi kayo ang may hawak sa buhay ng idolo nyo!!!

Everybody knows that SG stands for Sarah Geronimo.

Merong masama Ms. RG dahil nde maganda tignan sa isang binata na kaka-kalas lamang sa kanyang kasintahan ng 3 taon na makita ng tao na papasok kayo sa hotel...tsk tsk tsk....

at 'wag sisihin ang tao kung mg-isip ng ganito sapagkat mismong si Boy at Kris ang nagbigay ng malisya sa inyong relasyon. Sila ang ngpasok sa utak ng tao na may malisya.

Kung gayon, alam mong makakasira para kay JL bakit nde ka muna umiwas o kaya't lumabas kasama xa na kasama ang iba?

Ito ba ang isang fine young lady?

pero laging nag che check in sa hotel hindi lang sa states pati sa mga hotels dito sa manila, hindi sila couple ano yun puro lust, Hay nakuh!. To guzalyasmen SG stands for Sarah Geronimo, sya ang fine young lady dahil desenteng babae at may values, si ruffa hindi na young dahil matanda na! at pumapatol sa 10 years younger than her na si johnloyd, I think ruffa and johnloyd desrve each other cause they are both liars and immoral!!

hoy ruffa baka tamaaan ka ng kidlat sa kasinunngalingan mo!, people are not stupid okey! nasaan si johnloyd bakit si Mr. M nagsasalita for him? naduwag na syang humarap sa tao after all his lies, wala ng maniniwala pa sa dalawang ito, laos ka na johnloyd!!

i just wonder...

me naniniwala kaya sa mga sinasabi nya ngayon? wel watever..

basta honesty honesty honesty that's the key

Wel one more thing.. You know what Ms. jaz for you info, HINDI GANON KA-STUPID ANG MGA FANS AT TAO SA PALIGID MO/ NYO.. Yun lang...


Dapat noon pa cnabi ni Ruffa sa past interviews nya na magkaibigan lang cla at d cla couple. Hindi sana lumaki ang issue. Sa past interviews nya paligoy ligoy pa sya sa mga sagot nya eh kaya naman palang nyang diretsuhin na friends lang cya...pinatagal pa..

damage control

SG at RG ay iisa....Ruffa Gutierrez at Sharmaine Gutierrez!!!

Masasabi ko lang ang fine young lady ay is SG, she is good friends with JL but she was descent enough to distance herself for the meantime.

Now, that's a fine young lady.....

typo...ung responsible....walang s....minamadali ata...ejejejeje

'Yon kaso kc eh suspicious sabi distansya muna tapos mgkasama tapos sa hotel pa..lols..

tapos sinabi din na me kanya kanyang lakad....infairness sinabi din naman na me poss din na mgkita..pero kc kung wala naman talaga tapos ni-lilink di ba parang delikadesa na lng 'wag muna mg kita at lalong 'wag sa hotel kc ano nmn iisipin ng tao nun...

Mgisip naman kasi delikadesa lang para 'di magulo.

1. alam nina RG and JLC na maraming pinoy sa LA.
2. ok lang na ma picturan sila kasi wala naman silang dapat itago.
3. binibigyang kulay lahat ng bagay eh.
4. so, pag nag shopping pala ako with a guy meaning nun kami na?
5. sa totoo lang, si JLC di yan marunong mag sinungaling. open nga siya sa lahat ng naging past loves niya eh kahit sa kasagsagan pa ng love team nila nina bea and sarah. tapos ngayon single siya dun pa niya ide-deny?
ang daming tao ang makikitid ang utak.

deny to death pa! so obvious naman! super showbiz!
"wer not a couple" duh?!?! takot lang kyo umamin dhil bka bigla kyo malaos pareho..

deny pa rin ng deny