Sunday, May 15, 2011

Angel and Aga, are they good together in a movie?

Well first off, I'd like to say this. Angel Locsin blends really well with the soul of Aga Muhlach in their new movie, In The Name Of Love with Jake Cuenca. Why? I saw that the director, Olive Lamasan did her job very well. I mean, the moves, the words the eyes. It's really as if these two people were the only ones in the movie when you watch them dance and stare at each other. Actually, If I were to see it any other way around, they would look good as a couple. No, I mean no offense to Ms. Charlene who by the way is beauty queen hersel and no undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the showbiz industry today.

Well, getting back at the discussion, since I don't wanna feel much that this post is actually a movie review, I'd like to point out a few weaknesses to the movie and these are just opinions expressed and nothing more. This is by the way from my own view and my wife Ana too as we discussed the movie while watching and after when we took off from SM San Lazaro mall with our car this afternoon (May 15, 2011).

First off, I'd like to say that I noticed that the sequences of the cuts and ins of were not so finely done. I felt like there is too much lacking in the happy moments which should describe Aga and Angel while they were together in Japan. It lacked the proof that the two have been together and have loved each other so purely to have caused them to separate later on. I feel like there should be a segment there that should have portrayed more of the happy moments of the two when they met in Japan.

Second, it was quite confusing when the part where Aga and Angel met for the first time after being separated. When I saw that part, it didn't come to my mind that they were so intimate back in Japan. As I've said, the movie lacked more acts on the part that they have loved each other for so long that it could be enough to cause them to separate.

Besides those confusing sequences, I love the drama and the sensual and sexy part where Aga and Angel were dancing together and also the table scene. What I didn't like about Aga Muhlach though is that the man doesn't really know how to cry at all. The scenes were really stiff when I see him almost lifeless except for the script and without tears when all those watching the movie were crying when he is not and when Angel Locsin is flooding her cheek with tears when he is seemingly just acting it out. Overall, I'd still recommend movie lovers to watch this film. It has a great twist and story / screenplay if you wanna call it. In fairness to Ms. Angel Locsin, she did excellent acting on this movie and it made adore her the more. I remember seeing her once like this in a movie with Piolo Pascual in Bukidnon in Love Me Again.

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