Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Update to The Trinidad Failon Suicide Case

Update to Ted Failon's Wife Shooting Incident - Even if the title says it, still we cannot rule out the possibility of a foulplay. This is always the nature of cases of such just like here in the Ted Failon wife shooting incident. Last night there was an update to the shooting case of Trinidad Failon featured in Bandila.

That news feature told about the official statement of Ted Failon while interviewed by Ces Drilon on camera and live. In that interview he was asked about the letter which said "po" knowing that if it is indeed a letter from someone you love, that you would not dare call him or her with "po" which to local Filipino dialect means that you are talking to someone else not close or a lot older than you are which is most unlikely a writing for someone who is your husband. These are just speculations though but it still has to be proven yet.

Meanwhile, Ted Failon was tested for paraffin in his very house in Quezon City where the latter was found negative of powder burns which means in any give time and case that Ted Failon certainly did not fire a gun in his hand. I wish that the anchorman gets over this particular trial in his life and family and that people would just be there to see through all things when the life and death situation of Ted's wife is ok. - "Eriuqs Spires Healthy Recreation"

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