Tuesday, April 14, 2009

DepED Noodles Scam?

Is it really a scam or just some false alarm? Nobody knows yet but if this proves to be another scam by the government officials to get funds for the upcoming elections, it was a cheap and obvious move to fool the people.

Mind you that we are not fools not to know the prices of noodles because many of us eats it almost everyday of our lives. The reason is because we know that noodles is the cheapest where we can pass out our tummy ache when hunger gets in.

According to the interview, the said noodles that were part of the feeding for health program of DepED, the noodles did not in any material content have fresh eggs but mere flour. This means that there is something fishy in this move to obviously fool the people from the truth behind the scene. I just wish those in the government know that we are humans who have brains in our heads and not animals they can feed and be content with noodles of false labels to claim for health. - "Eriuqs Spires Healthy Recreation"

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