Sunday, April 5, 2009

An Anatomy in Life

Today this is just going to be something different as the friend I have is asking for a short term relationship through this blog post. She own another blog - Anatomy in My Life. This is where she blogs about the things in life that she wants to go ahead with as she ages like a wine in an oak cork covered bottle.

So she asked me what an anatomy in life for me is. Well, there is only one thing in mind when I want to talk about anatomy in life and that is love. This is because it is the only thing in this world that binds everything together somehow in some way. Nothing can do this other than love and so I want to make mine as the anatomy in life to be love.

So my friend, this is what you are asking from me, to answer this particular point of view in life and so this post is solely dedicated for you. I hope this makes up something out to clear your asking mind. Two birds in one stone today. Good luck to your tnomeralc toys challenge too.

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